Late August 1114

Late August turns out to be exceptionally busy although success and celebrations of the Harts’ 20th anniversary are overshadowed by the deaths of five of the Crows of Albion, poisoned in the ritual circle by an as yet unknown assassin. York is liberated, due in no small part to the pluck of Albion’s youth who steal essential documents after fighting through the sewers, and Pendrinn is likewise saved from an onslaught by an unliving fleet. The false Phobos, Lennox and a minion of Silas are all apprehended over the course of the weekend and served justice or incarcerated awaiting such.

Some of the iconic items of Albion draw interest: The Cup of the Hunter is returned after a previous theft in battle, Excalibur disappears, returns in flux, dealing damage to those who approach, and eventually appears again, reforged afresh. The seven Swords of Wayland are the focus of a rite that re-empowers the barrier at Selby during which they leaves their bearers and appear lodged in stones along the barrier at Selby. Each stone bears the names of those who wielded the swords and the barrier is stabilised despite the weakening point where the stone of Nethras stands.

Nethras makes it known that she wishes to embrace those who follow her and to bring them into the fold with herself as the mother, and Satuun as the father, the Crows are targetted particularly hard and turn to more entertaining pursuits – in a jugga match between the Harts and the Unicorns, the Wolves are victorious.

Mordred, recently recognised as being held in the Prison of the Architect, escapes despite the Harts efforts. Believed to be standing with Dolorous, he demands an order of knights sworn to his name, sees two Harts willing to comply and curses some who stand against him. Despite the curses being nullified the threat remains. An unusual figure claiming the name Lord Selby invites selct Harts to speak with him and learn information useful to this fight, explaining that he stands against Calligar and Dolorous and that the murders in Selby were performed with due cause.

Four fae courts invite the fae of Albion to recover a chalice that may help in the fight against evil, whilst evil gets up close and personal at the end of the Gathering and stalwart Harts stand side by side with Samael against the forces of Dracos. When Samael goes forth into Al Qafar itself his herald sends dire warning that there will be consequences.

Those of faith are asked to visit the grove and have a watch maintained as few have visited and it had begun to wither. Several of the Harts warband pledge to return there as camp is broken at the end of the Gathering, and plans are made for the Harts to meet at Silverlake for the formation of a new ritual circle in the coming months.