Lorelei (Steiner) D’Arby


Resides: Alton, Bristol, Cornwall
Race: Human
Group: House of Glass

Younger sister to Lucien Steiner the Duke of Cornwall, Lorelei was born in Tutonia to a Cornish mother. Sent to a school for young ladies as a teenager she struggled with the restrictions this placed on her and the rapidly approaching political betrothal arranged by her father. Quite open about her time at school, Lorelei often laments, during the worst of Albion weather, the loss of indoor fireplaces and slate roofs. She is however much less inclined to discuss her abrupt departure from the school during the winter of 1108, although it was most likely linked to the death of her Father and eldest Brother.

She is close to her brother and, like him, chooses not to follow any ancestors explaining that she has witnessed petulance and a lack of respect for their followers in many of them across the world. She instead chooses to believe in the people around her.

Little is generally known of her time between leaving Tutonia and her arrival in the Harts, but she talks of and sings songs from Norsca, Caledonia and even Erin. It can be assumed by her knowledge of bawdy songs and immodest drinking toasts that some of her travels were not spent among nobility.

At some point after arriving in Albion an incident with some bandits resulted in an introduction to Uther Karlennon the Kings Equerry. Accompanying him to the Harts Yule banquet in 1110, Lorelei was reunited with her brother and joined him in Bristol, becoming fiercely loyal to Cornwall and its people. When not in the company of the Harts she spends her time at the orphanages in Gloucester and Bristol with the refugees of the undead invasion and thus far seems settled to a future in Albion, joking that the siblings are simply there to raise the standards of fashion.

In 1112 Lorelei became betrothed to Theo D’Arby Lord Regent of Albion, the engagement stayed relatively quiet until the two flouted convention by marrying in a brief, unusual (and unplanned) ceremony during the Moot held in Caledonia before engaging in battle with the undead to protect the reparation of the Milford rift the same evening.