Martyn Tarragon

Position: Lord Regent
Duchy: York
Race: Human
Died at the hands of assasins sent by Calligar to the Moot in Selby


I looked up to the Lord Regent, Martyn Tarrogan, his very presence boosted my morale, putting to rest any fears. I am glad it was he who led us back onto Albion soil again once more! Glory to him! I shall remember his name and pass it down. I wish power upon his Ancestors. The tide that Calligar and his followers threw at us, you lead us to its turning, may we carry this momentum on and drive this tide back.

Cliamain Vauthel
Apprentice Druid
Lindisfarne Battalion
The Crows of Albion

I brought help from the guilds when I realised that the assassins were too much for us to handle and Martyn had been captured. I done it too slow and I know we always think what if this and maybe that but I am very sorry that I failed with this. Martyn was a good leader and he had time for people. He saw so many things and saw the Harts stand against so many enemies. I wish he could of seen us take down Calligar when we do sooner or later. He taught me to stop and think and helped me to get on top of stuff when it seemed like there was too much to handle and too much to do. And sometimes I think I helped him back as well. I’ll miss him.

Graf Dog