Lucien Steiner

luciensteiner Position: Duke of Cornwall
Group: House of Glass
Barony: Silverlake
County: Bristol
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Human

Lucien Steiner arrived in Albion as part of the armed mercantile concern, the House of Glass, during the early part of 1105. Of Teutonian descent but with a Cornish mother, little is known of his life before his arrival in Albion but there are many whispers that speak of a life filled with debauchery and decadence. He appears to be strongly against religion but has admitted to being raised within a household that venerates the Teutonian ancestor of Sithis. His role within the House of Glass seemed unclear to many but he was seen on many occasions lazing around talking to customers, shouting at staff and berating people who he felt were appallingly attired. When the House of Glass took to the field of battle, Lucien was seen acting as a pathfinder and general troubleshooter.

In common with many in the House of Glass, Lucien was closely involved in many of the intrigues and battles that plagued Albion and other nations throughout the years 1105 – 1108. He was present for the destruction of Alde York and the death of the Regent Michael Donovan as well as being part of the group that was transported to Teutonia during the affair with the Green Man. Lucien was present for the struggle in Midwich that saw the destruction of the Book of Ebon Bindings. He was present for the Cadre Battle and the Cataclysm and his final mission before disappearing in the spring of 1108 was against a band of Tarranis worshippers in Cornwall. His close association with the Armourers Guild due to a long standing relationship with Grand Master Hrothgar saw him assist that Guild on several dangerous occasions in their fight against the ancestor Vulcan. Lucien also single handedly destroyed the Pattern of Magic with a Magic Bane sword and claimed an ‘assist’ on the Pattern
of Existence, both prior to the Cataclysm.

During this period Lucien also enjoyed his fair share of controversy. At the Gathering 1106 he turned down the offer of becoming the Baron of Alton due to issues with the chain of command within the House of Glass. However this was later rectified and he accepted the position of Seneschal of Silverlake in 1107. He was also reputedly involved in ensuring that the Regency of William Hulce following the death of Michael Donovan was handled smoothly and without problems. He was also married for a time to William Hulce’s sister Georgiana. He was closely involved in the sanctioning of a branch of House Charenten which had become a threat to the Lord Regent and Albion, as well as the removal of a Dragon Warmaster who committed a serious breach of etiquette, both in 1107.

He returned to Teutonia in the spring of 1108 for the entirety of the Akari Wars. His activities are unknown at this time. He rejoined the Court of Albion at the Gathering of 1110 where he discovered that the vast majority of his friends and companions had died during the aforementioned conflict with the Akari. This was further compounded by the death of Gabrielle Bathroy, Rowena of Hereford and Robert Mortimer during that Gathering. He rejoined the Harts on campaign against the followers of Satuun and was present when the Olog liche, Magister Drustan, was released.

After many accusations of being a dilettante and socialite with no real ambition, Lucien became the Duke of Cornwall at the Spring Moot 1111. He maintains close links with the Armourers Guild and elements of the Vipers and Gryphons factions. He still insists on maintaining a certain sartorial dignity within the Court that has sadly been allowed to lapse in his absence.