May 1105

At the Heartland Games in Roark members of the Harts attack a suspected Imperial spy. He is felled but released into the custody of the guilds who release him back to the Emperor. High Ambassador Michael O’Donovan, is summoned to talks with Quintus, the Ambassador of the Empire and Haagan of the Dragons. Fearing violence and unknown to their ambassadors, the generals of the respective factions lead troops down to the talks.

Lord Marshall Finn Dracha calls Maclann to show that he has some pride in his country and Maclann leads a charge against the Imperial troops. Many members of the Emperor’s own guard are taken and Cassius and Quintus flee through a transport circle.

Fearing reprisals the Dragons faction surrenders to the Empire almost immediately and cede control of Gateway Keep – the major barrier that prevents imperial forces crossing into Albion from Cymrija. The Emperor gives orders that three hundred prisoners or war are crucified around Cornwall, and there are threats that ten legions will enter Albion within the month.

With the removal of Imperial troops from Cymrija the Harts original objectives in the war are nearly complete. After much hard work by various Harts a peace treaty is agreed with the Empire and talks start to remove troops from Cornwall.