May 1106

At the Heartland Games in Roark, Sagramor unexpectedly announced his resignation as Lord Regent of Albion; naming Lord Provost Michael O’Donovan as his successor. Finn Dracha later stepped down as Lord Marshall and, after long deliberation, Rozenwyn Pervaine was eventually promoted in his sted.

The Harts and Wolves factions began to talk of reaffirming old alliances between the two. As other factions began fighting to impose their will upon the impending cataclysm, both Harts and Wolves swore themseves to Law and the Cadre of Peace. Soon afterwas the Vipers and Tarantualas factions did likewise; renouncing Satuun to join with the factions of Law.

With Mordred nowhere to be seen the Harts instead turned their attention to his servants; the embodiments of Magic and Illussion. To the surprise of the rest of the Heartlands both embodiments were successfully dismissed by Harts’ agents and Satuun and Mordred both fled the Heartlands; now hunted by those factions sworn to the banner of Law.

Igraine made an offer to the Harts that she would step aside from a position in the Trinity of Albion if they bound the Sword Of Ages with Excalibur; symbolising a permanent union of Albion and Cornwall. At the end of the Heartland Games Michael O’Donovan and retinue quested to Chapel Perilous with both the swords to forge Excalibur anew.

Escorting caravans to the new Armourers Guildhouse in Keswick, Harts troops come under attack from the followers of The Green Man. They learn of a ritual in Tuetonia to try to strip power from The Horned Rat and use it to bolster The Green Man; potentially giving him enough power to level Keswick and Gloucester as he had planned. Whilst the Lord Provost heads to speak with the Vipers faction, Baron Charles Derleth leads Harts forces to Teutonia in an attempt to prevent the ritual.

In Tuetonia the Harts meet with Vipers troops and parlay; the Vipers finding themselves caught between the supporting The Horned Rat who corrupts their lands, or The Green Man who will destroy their civilisation. The matter is decided when The Green Man takes control of the skathen high council and turns it upon any who will not obey him. Harts and Vipers together defend the loyalist council members before gathering the items needed by The Green Man and performing the ritual themselves to block his accension. Deputy High Incantor Cuthbert Dalrymple gives his life fighting against The Green Man’s followers to get the ritual group back to safety.

The Harts and Vipers also discover the Conclave’s intention to use The Green Man’s power to transform the skathen back into vermillion elves (and soliders for the Conclave). Together they destroy a Conclave laboratory and launch an attack upon a member of the Conclave’s leadership. During the battle that follows Captain Robyn Fitzwilliam holds a rearguard against overwhelming Conclave forces, and she and two of her companions give their lives defending the back of the column. At the column’s head the Vipers make similar sacrifices and around a dozen soliders of Albion and Tuetonia give their lives, however it is unclear whether the Conclave leader was amongst the slain.