May 1107

A renewed force of Vulcan followers plus unliving and demons from the nearby Bloodwood are reported in Selby and the Armourers guildhouse is set on fire. Duke Charenten outlaws worship of Vulcan, isolates the area using the Winchester battalion and allows guild forces to enter the city. Enemy forces are however too strong and although the threat is contained it is not removed.

Lions ambassadors make formal approaches on the second day of the Great Erdrejan Fayre and offer unrestricted aid to Albion against the unliving taint on the land. Detailed negotiations continue and the two factions’ High Ritualist eventually agree a plan of action for the faction moots. Diplomacy with other factions is positive with most nations seemingly prefering to take a neutral stance and see how alliances develop.

Stewards are appointed to caretake those duchies currently lacking a Duke or Duchess and William Hulce is confirmed by the Royal Council as Lord Regent of Albion. Over the next two days the various poltical players jockey for influence until on the final night of the Fayre all members of House Charenten present are suddenly executed by members of the Lord Provost’s office and knights of the Order of the Stag. both the Royal Council and the wider faction accept the sanction however rumours continue that it was the result of an ongoing power struggle between Lord Hulce and Duke Charenten.

Harts teams performe well in the various games of the Fayre and win a substantial number of prizes from the various guilds. Whilst the faction’s jugger team is knocked out in the second round of the competition Albion’s enthusiastic supporters are very noticeable and the Guild of Commerce goes on to hire both a team from the Storm Ravens and the faction’s cheerleaders.