May 1114

The Harts attending the first Moot of the year discover that all is not well with the Trinity as Nethras appears in unliving form. Her followers’ concern is echoed when Gawain visits with those present at the GEF after standing captive in the Tesseract’s games, confirming that her voice is no longer heard by the Hunter or the Pendragon. A number of Harts are awakened the Harts being particularly instrumental in opening up awakenings to beastkin throughout the nations. A new structure for the court of Albion is announced and the Bards work to improve the flow of information gathering and knowledge sharing. Prophecies and happenings within Albion suggest that a manticore poses a great threat to those still in Albion and more horrors may follow in its wake. The Crows of Albion lose three of their number at the Moo t but despite the University of Pattern Perfection’s attacks on the Watchers and all present at the games, the Harts lose only one of their number there.