Megan Fletcher

Position: Baroness of Norhault
Position: Lord Lieutenant of the Eastern Marches
Group: Company of the Black Boar

Barony: Londinium
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Born in Kingsfield, Megan was raised by her father, Adam Fletcher, and older brothers (George and Henry) after her mother’s death. Adam Fletcher was a militiaman by trade and had served the community since his own youth. Under his tutelage, Megan grew up learning to fight alongside her brothers.

When King Mark’s army attacked Kingsfield Megan was amongst the civilians evacuated but the militia – including her father and brothers – stayed to hold off the unliving for as long as possible and buy time for their families to escape. In the carnage that follows, the militia is utterly decimated and a grieving Megan is left orphaned.

Angered that she never got a chance to fight beside her brothers, she petitions the first officer she can find to let her accompany the troops back to Kingfield and find vengeance. Since The Company was assigned to both the evacuation and subsequent clean up at Kingsfield, fate would have it that that officer is Lieutenant Hugh Thurstan, who can’t find it in his heart to refuse her request (or the attention of any other young woman, for that matter).

After the defeat of Mark’s forces in the spring of 1103 (in one of the hardest battles in the company’s history, and one during which Megan stood firm in the red and white) Private Fletcher was sworn in as a full member by General Audeley and Sergeant Hobbes, before the assembled faction.

In the 3 years I have known Fletcher she has travelled from competent archer in the line to an officer well able to mix in the highest echelons of society. She never forgave herself for being on active service with the battalion when the news came through of our losses at Dunwich Vale and it was from this point on that I believe she strove to replace the talents of those we lost entirely on her own, remaking herself as an officer and commander (positions she felt very uncomfortable in, but which duty and loyalty demanded she bear) but always retaining the vicious streak of the professional Company soldier.

Her campaign record shows how she ever tried to replace the comrades she lost at Dunwich. Long before Finn made her a Captain, Piers had appointed her his second and she began to take some of the burden that had once been Cooper’s: overseeing all matters to do with the battalion and the running of Norhault. Amongst the innumerable campaigns she distinguished herself in were our battles against the Empire in Cornwall, and helping to spirit His Highness away after the death of Her Majesty (acts deserving of praise from Hobbs and the rest of the fine men who grew up in less honest professions than herself). Involving herself in the selection of Albion’s new Trinity and standing up when Sicilijah needed aid were matters of faith and honour that I and Father Brewer are still immensely proud of her for. But above all remember one thing; she hasn’t gone. Megan may no longer appear to be with us but she stands alongside us in everything we do. For she stands with The Fallen and as our oath binds us in life, so it binds us in death and evermore.

One spirit
One voice
One company
Comrade by comrade
In life, in death and beyond.

Compiled from duty officer’s records and personal experience by Marcellus di Castiglione
Winter 1106

Megan Fletcher was my sister. Aside from being Lord Lieutenant of the Eastern Marches, Baroness of Norhault and Corporal of the Company of the Black Boar, I would have that remembered for I am so proud and happy that she was. The first time we spoke, I had been ordered to share a sword with her and was complaining that I could not keep it to myself for the first fifty years. I do not know how but over the years I truly came to love her as my sister. And for those who ask how a fae and a human could be sisters – all I will say is that there are more ways to be sisters than through the blood. On some level we knew each other and I lost a little bit of myself the day she died, no matter how noble her death. My heart breaks to think of her picked up and flung through a void rift to her fate – but at the same time it bursts for pride of her. She took the field that day knowing she might die, but faced that fate head on, fighting for Albion and indeed Edreja herself.

Thenni, High Bard of Albion
Winter 1107