Megan Stone

Position: Knight of the Pendragon, bodyguard to the Lord Regent
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
Barony: Rufford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

Megan Stone was born into a small Rufford farming family early in 1076. Her
mother died in childbirth and she and her brother, Sidney, were raised by their
father’s stern hand. Although not close in age, Megan and her brother were firm
friends and allies. Sidney was Megan’s comfort when she started to have vivid
and frightening dreams at the age of five while her father was only angered by
her sleepless nights, silencing her with threats.

As Megan grew older and more eloquent she told Sidney more about the dreams of
bloody battles, famines and massive storms. The two children made a pact,
swearing to do what they could to make a better world when they were older. When
Sidney came of age he left the farmstead to join the local troops leaving Megan,
aged fourteen, to help her aging and ailing father work the farm. Her dreams
continued to be vivid, coalescing into a constant theme in which she followed or
stood witness to a huge white dragon swooping about the landscape, enveloping
villages between powerful great wings.

When Megan came of age she could not bring herself to leave her father who was
growing weak and finding solace in the bottom of tankards. At 22 she took full
charge of the farm, bringing in extra workers to keep it running well, but
negating most profit in the process. When Megan was 30 one of the farmhands
brought news from a messenger that Sidney had fallen in battle only days before
he was due to make his annual visit to the homestead. In dreams that night she
saw Sidney running toward the dragon which perched on a mountainside above a
hamlet and a castle. Sidney beckoned her to follow. On waking she found her
father slumped at the table, unmoving, among liquor bottles.

Free of family obligation, Megan put the farm in the hands of its workers
shortly thereafter and followed in her brother’s footsteps. She wore Sidney’s
armour and trained for six months, during which she took an interest in rumours
about the Earl of Nottingham. Charles Derleth, it was said, had dreams and
visions of a white dragon. As Autumn drew in, the Earl came to be visiting
Megan’s regiment. At dinner, in an unprecedented move of breaking rank, Megan
had one of the serving girls point her out to the Earl, taking the message “She
sees dragons”.

Charles listened to Megan give a passionate retelling of her dreams, describing
the dragon as a great and terrible protector. Soon afterwards, at the behest of
Rowena of Hereford, Megan met with members of Ordo Hwyt Draga. With them she
attended Oathsnight that winter, where she offered rememberence of her fallen
brother and pledged a public oath to the Pendragon. Thus she was present at the
forming of the Knights of the Pendragon and swore to stand as a protector of the

Megan never thought to stand among nobles but her dreams are more settled now.
She is learning more about the world beyond Rufford and faith in the Trinity.
Her swordsmanship has improved greatly and she spends much of her time aiding
the Ordo or guarding the Regent. She bases herself at the Ordo Hwyt Draga
Preceptory or alongside members of House Hulce, taking only occasional visits to
her childhood home. Megan holds protection of the crown as her duty above all
else, and remains a loyal servant of the Pendragon.

Megan fell in 1108, protecting Charles Derleth, as Harts took to the field to battle Lord Rone of the Akari at his personal circle in Telluria.

Knights of Albion , 1107