Merlon Barliansson

Position: High Sheriff
Group: Crows of Albion
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Poisoned on the battlefield during the first moot of 1114


Merlon Barliansson, once himself Commander of the Crows, and previous High Sheriff of Albion – cut down in his prime by cowards; poison being no way to die.

When I first met him he was Head Cook and Shipwright on the Ars Moriendi, a cheeky smile and a cheerful word (and one or two more colorful words at times!) as he went about his duties. He progressed quickly through the ranks being eager to learn and having certain skills, which would help him progress. He moved swiftly to Captain of the Crows own York Battalion and then also became High Sheriff of Albion. (I hate to say this my son, but you were a better Sheriff than you were a cook!)

Following the disappearance of Cap’n, Merlon became Commander of The Crows of Albion in 1113, and what a fateful year for that to happen. He was always in demand by someone, somewhere, being pulled in all directions until even trying to hold a simple conversation with him became impossible. Something had to give and he relinquished his duties as Commander to me at the Gathering with good grace allowing him much needed breathing space, yet he also at that time became one of my right hand men, always ready to assist with knowledge of our men, our fleet and battle details.

His pride and allegiance to Albion was never doubted in my mind. Often on the battlefield he would dash off into the thick of things to save others, putting his own life at risk. He picked me up many times, and I and other healers picked him up more times than I can remember, but the one time you needed me to be there for you I was not, and for that I am truly sorry.

During Purification in 1112 he was chosen to bear one of the Weyland Swords, the Sword of Might. He never knew how proud I was to stand with him at that time, two Crows chosen to bear swords. His assistance and bravery at that time was invaluable to me.

I am sure there are many tales of Merlon’s exploits from before my time, including a certain legendary story for which we will never truly know what happened. More recently his infamous long nights in talks and negotiations with allies/contacts involving much imbibing of liquids! However, for me the outstanding memories of him are both from Purification. First, his actions on the field and his strength (along with many others) in putting themselves into the Weyland Swords in order to beat Morghana, and secondly, when Sayen died, wearing her breastplate to her funeral (a request left by her long before she passed); a sad moment tinged with a touch of lightheartedness.

Merlon leaves behind him not only his many wives and husband(s?), his family The Crows of Albion, but also Taryn, his adopted brother who I am sure like many will not rest until the truth is known.

May you find peace with your Ancestor my son. I miss your dreadful quips, your smile and the trouble you caused me… would that you were here to cause me trouble once more.

Your Ma and Commander

Ma Crow,
Commander of The Crows of Albion

Little is known of Merlon, or ‘Cook’ as he is known best, before his time on the ship, bar the bawdy stories he tells of an evening, although the extent of the truth in those can only be guessed at. The best deduction is that he was the son of a carpenter and maid in an estate, and schooled in cookery and carpentry in order to continue work on the estate in his maturity. By the sound of his stories this did not happen, instead he began to tour Albion before meeting Captain Ironhoof. What we do know now is that his employment took on a more permanent nature during our brief foray into other lands, in which he picked up a few customs and ideas from the locals over the years, explaining his ‘Jackal-esque’ look.

Under no circumstances are you to believe any tales from the Southlands that begin in a bordello.

– Theomach, Crows of Albion Scribe and Archivist
Crew manifest and Profiles
Summer 1110

In the time after Theomach’s absence, I have taken over his role, and as such have updated the crew profiles.

Merlon has taken a more active role with the Crows, filling the gap in the front lines left by my predecessor, he now fights for Albion, lending aid by Channelling from the front line when others are brought down, and fighting when they are not. His manner in battle could be, and has been, described as bordering on harbouring a death wish. Despite this he manages to return alive and in one piece, much thanks to the Hunter in his eyes, and to the Healers in other’s.

Since emerging from the Ship’s kitchen on a more permanent basis, he has also displayed keenness for contributing in Rituals, and ‘enthusiastically’ aids Cap’n within the Ritual Circle.

The truth of his stories still remains suspect.