Moto Grey

Killed at the first moot in 1115
Race: Fey
Group: The Black Hand


A quiet, helpful fey was brought to court in the year 1114, by a member of the Crows of Albion. Introduced only as “boy” to those in attendance, it became apparent to most that he was there as a “hired body” to fetch and carry. When the person who brought him died, I approached this “boy” and asked his name. Moto. That’s all I got. He had no friends, no family and no clue as to what to do next.

I brought him into the Order of the Black Hand and began to show him what life as a free person was like. I helped teach him Albions ways and customs and that he didn’t have to do things to please anyone anymore. Moto was a bright, enthusiastic magic user, able to aid in the best way he knew how. A fine swordsman, he could often be found with Callow, Ellisen or myself in court over the past year.

Over winter, I formally brought him into my family, gave him a name and a place to belong. Moto was like a brother for me and when I received news of his passing, I felt the gap left by Talos get a little larger. Losing people is part of life for many of us. When it is someone close to us, it hurts for a long time.

Moto died as any Hart of Albion would want to. He was slain while attempting to drag an wounded soul toward the Healers Guild. He put his young life on the line to aid someone he didn’t know, someone from another nation. I will miss his cheek, his grin and the antics that I heard about from other people.

Rest with your ancestor Moto. Your time here is done. The Order of the Black Hand will honour and remember you, always. I will mourn you as the brother that you are. Sleep well.