Orric Hulce

Resides: Pendrinn, Exeter, Cornwall
Race: Human
Position: Marshall of the Rutterkins Foresters
Group: Rutterkins Foresters

Orric Hulce currently commands the Rutterkins Foresters a martial company formed by the late Queen’s brother to fight unliving forces in Rutterkins Wood. He is a member of the Hulce noble line and as such is closely related to a number of the nobility within the Harts. Raised in the worship of the Hunter, Orric is vociferous in his condemnation of unliving.

Orric first came to the Harts attention when he and a comrade from the Foresters campaigned alongside them against the so called Prince of York and his Akari forces in Milford. Orric was present at Roskear when Satuun’s forces raised the Olog Liche Magister Drustan where he fought toe to toe with a death knight and was involved in the rite to reform King Stephen’s dagger. He coordinated forces for Uther Karlennon in the liberation of Blackwood Keep from the Black Flame and their skathen allies.

Since joining the Harts Orric’s life has not been free from controversy, he was involved in an altercation with a member of the Viper faction and their vampire wife at Yule in 1110. At the Gathering in 1111 he attacked an unliving ambassador from the Tarantulas faction and was responsible for the execution of a hunting party of beastkin from the Blackwood.

At Yule 1111 Orric was named the Earl of Bristol and remains a politically active member of the faction.