Osuna Keldar

Group: Crows of Albion
Position: Captain of The Galatine Battaltion
Race: Awakened Beastkin
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Poisoned in Sunset ritual circle


Oh captain, my captain. For you to be gone is still not real to me. You were not only a friend, but someone I could trust in. I will never be able to lose the shame I feel at letting your pack and pups down in their basic training exercises to look for bottles. May you rest well with Odin.


Osuna, my dear friend and confidant.

When you first came to us from Norsca as a representative of Pack you were naturally wary of us and concerned for the safety of your own family if they were to follow. However I believe we both soon realised that we could trust and rely on each other and you very quickly proved yourself a useful ally, being quickly promoted to the position of Lieutenant. Many times you showed your allegiance and usefulness to The Crows of Albion, The Queen and the Land, and was quickly promoted yet again to Captain of The Galatine Battalion for Mages and spellcasters.

Your keen eyes and senses introduced us to new ideas and ways of looking at things. The training game used for the young pups in Pack proved valuable to the whole of the Harts Faction with the placement of your ‘training eggs’ educating people in how to look for small bottles hidden in unexpected places. The only two that were not found being possibly the two most important! For this you were rightly made up to a position of Sheriff within the Harts.

Osuna, you were instrumental in setting up a formal Abion Jugger Team and began arranging scheduled training matches. I am sure now this has been started it will not be allowed to fall by the wayside and who knows, one day, maybe they will score more than 3 goals and this will be down to your inspiration!

My friend, you may have been Alpha but there was still something of the mischievous pup about you. You teased me many times about the Pirates and we shared many stories and jokes to the amusement of the rest of the Group, but I truly believe you became as fond of the them as I did and am sure we will be drinking your health for some time yet and will never forget you.

I knew little about your customs as whenever we tried to talk about them we would invariably get interrupted. I know that Fenrir and his brother, Kelanir, came to collect your body and deal with it in accordance to pack law. I hope that you rest safely with your ancestor and once again stand beside your brother, Theo.

I will always remain your friend in spirit.

Ma Crow,
Commander of The Crows of Albion