Useful links

Provided below are a selection of links that may be useful to Harts players and/or those wishing to get involved in the Gathering campaign world.


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The Lorien Trust

The organisers of The Gathering; running the largest LRP events in Europe since 1992 and maintaining the campaign world in which the Harts (and other factions) exist. Their website contains details of the year’s major events, a guide to the rules and an overview of the wider campaign world. The rulebook, ammendments and other useful bits of game documentation are available in the publications area of the site.
The Lorien Trust

Random resources:

An online healer training tool: healer training
A guide for new players written by Gwen Ó Fearghail of the Bards: book
A guide to research

Factions and Guilds

Whilst In Character the Harts may argue and even war with the other factions, Out Of Character we’re all working to build the same campaign world and make the Gathering the huge spectacle that it is. Each faction offers different opportunities to different players, and that diversity is essential in trying to ensure that there’s something for everybody.

Please do supports other factions in their efforts; particularly in monstering/crewing their sanctioned events. We all like to play our own faction’s evens, but the only way that’s possible is if we all monster for one another.

Online forums and bulletin boards are popular with some players as a way of communicating between events. Although such forums are not formally recognised or supported by either the Lorien Trust or the Harts Of Albion, consenting players are welcome to use these sites as a way of staying in touch with one another and to discuss the game.

Please remember that the campaign world does not include any representation of the internet; terms like “the ley”, “leystones”, “spirit mail”, “ley imps”, “ley homes”, etc have no define In Character meaning and in some respects are actually contrary to the cosmology of Erdreja. It’s often better to assume that you’re talking or writing to the other characters.

Faction        Website                           Forum
Gryphons       -                       
Unicorns       -                       

Armourers     -
Archers     -                       
Bank        -                                 -
Bards      -
Corruptors  -                       
Incantors   -                       
Mages      -                        
Militia    -