Web submissions

The Harts website is run entirely by volunteers and the content is supplied mostly by players.

We have two areas of in character information: The character profiles (including obituaries!) and group profiles (coming soon) on the main website, and the Brighthelmstane library. You are encouraged to submit content to both as it helps to build the rich tapestry of the game world, and it also offers plot teams a way to involve your character or group in events.

The simplest way to submit content is by email to hartsofalbion@gmail.com.

If you are creating a character profile, please try to follow the general template outlined below. It is imperative that you choose a duchy for your character to be from or else it has nowhere to appear on the site. The items with an asterisk are required.

fullname:* eg Thomas Beckton
group: eg The Crows of Albion
race: eg Elf
positions held in the faction: eg Queen’s Champion
duchy:* eg York
story:* eg Thomas was born in 1100 to a great lord but the family reputation was ruined upon his uncle’s arrest and execution for theft from the crown. Thomas returned to court in 1114 and proved his skill at arms in the first step on a quest to renew his good name in the eyes of Court. Travelling with The Crows he has been known to venture as far as Nihon.
source: eg Burke’s Peerage, 1115