Percival deGales

Position: Earl Of Worcester, Royal Seneshcal
Group: House deGales
Barony: Londinium
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Fae

Percival first emerged into the modern world
just 6 years ago out of the mists and hidden valleys
of Avalon where the Lions were fighting a war
with the Nosta Ka. Agreeing to aid the Lions he
became a ‘Defender’ and served as a
bodyguard to a Council member for some time. He
also quickly became involved with the Incantors
guild eventually serving as the Shield Of Life
for the guild; the last to hold such title.

His contacts made through the guild led him into
diplomatic duties and he was soon knighted and
asked to act as ambassador to the Harts. Here
he met his now wife, Brawen, and a number of notable
Harts to the extent that when Avalon fell and
the Lions left to Lantia he did not join them
there but swore to Albion, returning to what legend
has long told the family was their true home,
prior to the battle in the mists called Camlann.

In the years since Percival has held several
posts including envoy, ambassador and deputy high
ambassador before he moved to the office of the
Seneschal. Last year he was promoted to Royal
Seneschal and made Baron of Londinium. This spring
he was forced to retake the position of head of
his house after the assassination of his sister,
Lady Prudence deGales-Falcon.

Burke’s Peerage, 1105