Percival du Montagne (Percy Percy)

Position: High Incantor of Albion
Group: House Falcon
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human
Summer 1107


My brother was possibly one of the most outspoken, aggrevating men I have ever met but he loved his country, he loved his ancestors and he loved his family. His murder leaves a hole in my heart that will never be filled and we shall all miss his dress sense. For the good he has done and for upholding his beliefs he shall be remembered. Goodbye Percy-Percy, may Cathol and Cuthbert guide your wings.

Madeline Falcon
Summer 1106

Percival Percy de Montagne was High Incantor of the Harts and a Light Incantor of the highest integrity. He stood forward when others would not and was not afraid to stand his ground for what he believed. He made many enemies as a result of his attempts to stand against the decision of the Incantors Guild to allow sentient unliving to join the Guild. Percival was last seen running into a Void rip at the Heartland Games 1106 and so his pattern is lost to us for ever. His character was strong and he will be great loss to the cycle of life. May he live on the hearts and minds of his friends and in the histories of Albion.

Mariam Avenel, Voice of the Light Incantors
Summer 1106

Percival du Montagne of House Falcon – also known as ‘Percy Percy’ – High Incantor of Albion, was initially viewed by many as a rake and a wastrel. In truth however he worked tirelessly as a liaison between the Harts of Albion and the Incantors Guild, and to encourage the growth of faith within Albion iself. Percival was killed in the midst of battle in the early summer of 1006 after speaking out against the Incantors’ Guild’s decision to grant membership to the unliving. His forthright views made him a leading opponent of this decison and there remains some suspicion that his untimely death may well have been related. He was later joined at his ancestor’s side by his wife, after her death in the flooding that destroyed Chelmsford.

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