Plug-lit Squivvi

Position: Ranger of Winchester
Group: Order of the Black Hand
Barony: Kingsfield
County: Marchwood
Duchy: Winchester
Race: Fae

Plug-lit is, to the human perception, an eccentric and somewhat bizarre
character. His appearance clearly denotes his Fae lineage; the patterns on his
face can be changed at his will and often vary from day to day, even for battle.

However, he is also unique in that if you tried to decipher him from his face
and actions, you would most probably end up in need of the healer’s guild care. This is
not due to the reasons you might expect, rather that he is a highly expressive
person whose own mental state far outstretches the limits of understanding for
most humans; it is impossible to figure him out, unless you are of the fae

His affinity to the powers of nature has been a driving force in his life, so
much so that he chose to place his fate with the forests and lands which he
roamed. In learning his skills he has grown to understand a great many things
about the wilderness and this knowledge has aided him in becoming highly
proficient in the use of the bow and sword, as well as the ability to draw power
from his ancestors. He has chosen to devote his actions to Puck, servant of the trickster aspect of the Hunter. He has no shame about his ancestral choice
although some people haven’t been accepting of him because of it.

He has a huge amount of adoration for his Lord and leader, Valen Darkblade, and
lives near Valen’s estate and will follow Valen’s lead until death. As a member
of the Order of the Blackhand and the Harts Faction he uses his unique skills to
gather information, making sure that the Harts and the Blackhand are never left
in the dark. He is also useful in a fight. Battle is about the only instance in
which his renowned happy peculiarity disappears and is replaced by silent,
gritty determination.

Gentleman’s Register
Spring 1108