Group: Mackintash Trading Collective

Race: (Half-) Uruck

Position: Door guard at Cream Tease, Uruck People’s Poet

Duchy: York


Quex — in full Quexella, but she dislikes that — was born in
Caerdydd to an uruck mother and a human father, the latter of whom she
never knew. Her mother raised her as best she could (and instilled in
the young Quex a high regard for uruck traditions and customs) but
when she was orphaned as a teenager, Quex had to live on the streets
and on her wits.

Inevitably she found herself mixed up in crimes and shady business and
had several close shaves. Finally, one day, she planned to rob a
bordello that had set up in town to cater for the needs of the many
Albione refugees who had taken refuge there following the great flood.

The caper went very well up until she tried to get out, whereupon she
encountered the owner of the establishment who firmly took his
property back. Expecting to be executed forthwith, Quex was astonished
to find Karl Morgan instead offering her the post of doorkeeper; as he
pointed out, she was obviously superior to the current one, whom she’d
knocked out as the first stage of the robbery.

To have her life thus not only spared but transformed ensured a fierce
loyalty to Karl in Quex, and as his star began to rise in his chosen
line of business, Quex could generally be found at his shoulder — as
indeed she still can. She introduces herself as his “business
associate”, though some would say “tame thug” was nearer the mark. It
comes as a surprise to some who judge by appearances that when her
duties permit, Quex is also a performance poet and long-standing
campaigner for uruck liberation, both via the arts and via more direct
action. She holds the post of Yoonyun rep for the Harts, writes for
Karl’s scandalsheet The Tease, and appears at formal and informal gigs
all over the place with her little green (of course) book of verse.