Robin Xavier Maverick

Group: Mackintash
Barony: Shrewsbury
County: Chester
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Fae

Robin always had a bit of a thing for helping people, even when he was living in the Greenwood he always had a thing for helping, be it from healing the lost and injured to simply helping contribute in any way that he can. Healing was one of the things that Robin enjoyed doing the most, ensuring that the ill became healthy and that those who stood on the line between life and death always took the steps back towards the light.

His mother, Violet, had always made sure he practiced his healing abilities. She herself was a very adept healer, and was a very honest one at that. Violet had never accepted money as a means of payment for her involvement and had always taught Robin the same too. After all, his mother had always taught him that to a Wyld Fey a verbal promises and contracts would always bring more promise. It was with such ways that Violet was able to obtain work at the Selby Guild House in 1095, not long after the exhile of the Lions.

Robin never learned the truth on how his mother was able to obtain work in such a place, but he never pressed too far. Whenever asked Violet would always tell him that she just got lucky and helped the right person in need, though Robin was always certain she had been hiding some aspect of truth from him. However, Robin didn’t mind too badly. After all, he was now working with his mother in a hospital, a place where he would be able to better his skills through being taught by better healers than he and by more hands on experience, to see and heal the things that not all teachings can show. It was also during these teachings his curiosity for being able to contribute to rituals, as the whispers of such things kept grabbing his attention. It took a few months but Robin was able to track down and confront some of other Healers and Channellers and ask to be taught such things and learn more, of which they eventually did.

In 1103 Robin had had enough of seeing the same walls of the Selsby Guild house and had wondered off one night in search of adventure and excitement, of which he found whilst travelling with Caravaners. Robin travelled with different caravans that carried different stock over the next few years, travelling with them as a mobile Healer. Verbal contracts were exchanged in order to use one anothers services, sometimes being just food, transport and a place to stay, whilst others were simply to teach Robin some skills. It was with one group of caravaneers that Robin was taught how to develo his body a stage further as well as how to wear, fix and maintain medium and light armour, a skill that would go on to help save him in his journies.

In 1112 Robin had grown weary of travelling from one destinaton to the other with no permanent place of residence to return to. Whilst in a bar not from from his place of birth, the Greenwood, he overheard a group of men and women talk of such feats of group called the Mackintash Trading Collective and of its with the Miltia guild. Slightly drunk and with the spark of adventure in his eye Rboin wandered to the group of people and asked for them to take him to where he would be able to find the Mackintash, in exchange for his Healing services.

A contract was made, an exchange of words and shaking of hands occured and thus the people took Robin to Lundinum, to the Mackintash’s offices. An interview of sorts later and Robin left the offices another Fey, another member in the Mackintash. All he had to do was follow the law, of which he did like they were all religious text, that he remain loyal to Albion and that he could turn a profit, the latter being an adventure of its own right in Robin’s eyes.