Rozenwyn Pervaine

Position: Former Lord Marshall, Ward of Morgaine
Group: House Pendrinn
Barony: Pendrinn
County: Exeter
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Human

Born to a local landowner and his wife, Rozenwyn was the eldest of three. Early on in life, her independence and caring nature showed off the natural leader within her. A chance meeting with Dame Melyor, led her to be accepted as a young protege to the aged Dame who took her under her wing as a maid and lady in waiting. It was during her time in Pendrinn, that she was taught about her history, that of Cornwall and its people and tutored in the arts of healing and battle. With the threat of an unliving army approaching, her family moved to be closer to her along the west coast villages.

She joined the Cornish Battalion, an honour she embraced, and worked hard along side her brethren. Over the past years the fates have not been kind to Cornwall with the first famine and then the Dragons losing control over their ritual circles. The devastation of the west coast villages was immense, but for Rozenwyn it was more personal, she lost her entire family. Rozenwyn was devastated and sort refuge within Pendrinn. There, with the help of both the Dame, and her childhood friend, Isobel, she slowly began to come to terms with her loss.

She rejoined the Battalion, with Isobel, and strove to for fill her duties. She became Captain, and her men responded to her, with her firm but down to earth attitude. Upon the General’s death, she was granted Acting General and then General. This position was an immense honour not only to her but to the memory of her family. The on-slaught from the Empire reached its peak when many Cornish were driven back; men, women and children were being slaughtered, and Albion couldn’t respond to this attack. The final straw came when Skathen forces entered Cornwall and spread disease to the Cornish, not the Empire.

With people dying, no food, disease tearing through the make shift shanty towns, a hard decision needed to be made, and it fell to the young General to make it. A truce was called and discussions took place with the Empire. With great pain and shame, Rozenwyn called for peace and took the decision to declare Independence from Albion.

Not many understand the reasons for this, but one day the truth will come to light. All I know is that my Lady always put her people and land first, herself second.

Her banner carries her motto ‘for the people and the land’, the mark of respect for her village and her ties with our first Queen. She is a true friend.

Isobel Boscastle, companion and friend
Summer 1106