Sagramor ap Galahad

Position: Lord Regent Of Albion (retired)
Group: Spears Of Lugh
Royal Council
Barony: Bollington
County: Worcester
Duchy: Winchester
Race: Fae

Originally thought to be an imigrant from Erin,
the orphaned Sagramor ‘ap Neb’ (son
of no-one) was raised amongst the ‘Spears
Of Lugh’, where the relationship between
his own destiny and that of Albion was recognised
and he was groomed for the role that was to fall
to him. Whilst many of his fellow Spears have
played important parts in Albion’s story it could
not have been prophecised how much responsibility
would fall to Sagramor himself.

A disciplined man who lead by example, his talents
lead him into military service and, after an impressive
military career, he rose through the ranks becoming
first General of the Keswick Battalion and then
Lord Lieutenant in 1102.

Early in 1103 Sagramor was appointed to the role
of Lord Protector (following the crippling illness
of former Lord Protector Alexander Hulce) and
became a member of the Royal Council. At this
time his name was changed from ‘ap Neb’
to ‘ap Albion’ (son of Albion) by Queen
Elspeth’s brother, Lord Hugo Charenten, in recognition
of the service he had given to the land and people.

Sagramore resigned from the post of Lord Regent in the summer of 1106, stating that in the light of the impending Cataclysm the fate of Albion was better entrusted to the hands of a politician than a solider. His final act was to name Lord Provost Michael O’Donovan as his successor, before he removed himself from public life and returned to guard his family from the coming chaos.

Compiled from various
sources by the royal herald, 1105-1106