The initial impression of York is that it is a prosperous and orderly duchy. This stems from the well laid out farmland in the interior and the thriving cities and fishing villages to the east. This compares favourably with the bleak landscape of Keswick to the west and is comparable with Winchester to the south. That is not to say York is without strife, the Caledonian border to the north is always a threat but through vigilance one that is minimised.

York may lack the callousness of Gloucester or the self reliance of Cornwall but instead is the disciplined and progressive heart of Albion.

The People Of York

Honour, hard work and discipline are the cornerstones of life for the people of York. If you treat your neighbour with honour then he will respond in kind, if you work hard then the fruits of your labour can be better enjoyed and if you are disciplined in your approach to life then you will progress far.

The people of York are proud of their Duchy and its role as part of a greater Albion, they posses no desire for independence unlike some of the Cornish folk and will continue in their support for the crown. The length of York’s eastern coastline includes the ports of Londinium and Newcastle. Consequently, the comings and goings through York’s major ports has given the coastal residents of the duchy a cosmopolitan outlook and interest in affairs further a field. Indeed maritime trade with the Heartlands is easier than moving goods overland to Cornwall.

York is a fertile land and the people can therefore make a living from it without too much hardship. Without a pressing need to focus all energies upon food production the people of York are less forgiving of bad manners and are more likely to insist on a modicum of good behaviour from their neighbours.

Whilst the population of York, like most of Albion, largely comprises of humans there are Beastkin amongst the hills of Durham and Elves living in the forests of Iver. York is a civilised place and the way in which the Elves of Iver comport themselves is a reflection of this.

The Nobility

The landed titles of York have customarily been dominated by House Karlennon especially in their role as defenders of the northern border. More recently however the Duchy has been governed on behalf of the crown by House Falcon and their allies.

The nobility of York are more affluent than the nobles of some neighbouring Duchies, Keswick for a prime example; this is as a direct result of the prosperity of the people and the resulting taxes. This affluence is reflected in the way in which the nobility of York dress for they are proud of their station and would not want to be confused for a rich commoner. Whilst matters sartorial are important to the nobility of York it will not interfere with their duties to the crown and indeed many a noble of York will happily don armour to defend the rights of the crown and people.

One lasting legacy from a previous Duchess is the concern for the well being of the common folk amongst the nobility; in fact most of the peasantry see it as the duty of their Lords. It could be argued that this is nothing but enlightened self interest on behalf of the nobility for a secure and happy populous will provide more income in taxes, this however does the nobility of York a disservice.

Ancestral Influences

Prior to the choosing of the Trinity York was at the heart of Mother Worship throughout Albion, since then worship of the Trinity as a whole has become the norm in York as it has throughout Albion. Particularly strong is the veneration to the Pendragon with its devotion to fairness and justice.