Samuel Coleridge

Position: High Armourer of Albion
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
Barony: Rufford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

Slain in battle attempting to hold back the minions of the void and in so doing limit the destructive power of The Cataclysm.

Of all the losses we suffered on Hellenica, I think it is the loss the
Samuel that will hurt me the most. In Samuel I could not have asked for
a better friend or ally since my return to Albion. He not only understood that despite my absence I was still a noble of House Hulce, even though I did try to get him to stop calling me Ma’am so much, but that my tendency to ‘play games’ was not a mark of immaturity but
rather an expression of happiness at my freedom. He understood so much that
his continued support in being my ‘First Mate’ confirmed him as an
understanding and caring man.

In Samuel both William and I could be assured of the other’s safety. No
matter which of us it was that went off to do something dangerous, if
Samuel was with us then the other knew that he would do his utmost to
ensure our safe return. He promised me he would keep William alive in
the battle against Entropy, and when I asked him to do the same for
himself he replied with ‘I’ll do my best ma’am.’

He always did his best, always strived to do the right thing for the
Household, the Order and for Albion. Playing at pirates certainly won’t
be as fun without you Samuel, but I’m sure many a flagon will be raised
and a hearty Yarrrr! cried in your memory.

May the Dragon watch over you my friend, I miss you.

Georgiana Hulce

Winter 1106