Group: The Reapers
Barony: Rufford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Elf/Human

Sandgroper is a foundling, found under an ivy bush by a cattle farmer who took him in to his home and raised him as his own. For 20 years Sandgroper loved this life and learnt how to breed and care for the cattle and other animals on the farm. Returning home from the market Sandgroper was full of the joys of life and looking forward to celebrating with his family the 20 years since he was found.

That celebration was not to be for as he entered his home before him was a sight that would be with him forever, both his parents brutally slain. In his despair a loud blood curdling cry emitted from deep within his lungs, so intense was this cry that the animals all around the fell silent, it was as if they could sense the powers of his ancestors that had just been ignited within him.
For thirty three years Sandgroper has been wandering all the lands looking for his parentís killers but to no avail. As his understanding of his powers grew he began to feel some peace and his search change to finding his real family and ultimately his Ancestors. To this end he joined The Reapers, a band of mercenaries, to guide him in his wanderings in the hope that they would be able to help him find his true identity