Sathareal Auvreamentor

Group: Crows of Albion
Position: Benefactor, The Crows of Albion
Race: Umbral
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York

Poisoned in Sunset ritual circle


I trusted you with my life and my faith. You showed me the path to where I am today and I can never repay that. I feel as if I’ve failed you, not finding a way to keep you here on this plane. I can only pray to the Prince that you have passed through all three of the hells and your scales which had been measured that morning may now be weighed equal. I hope to see you in the Blue Room when it is time for me to leave this plane.

In faith,


Sathareal. Someone whom I looked to for advice and guidance, not only as a benefactor but also as a friend. You protected me, counselled me and made me smile at times with your teasing and playful pranks, yet when the time was called for you were indeed serious in thought and judgement or fearsome on the field.

You were part of the Crows of Albion family for several years and yet, like Elusive, I realise that I knew so little about you. The things I do know are these:

– Your widow, Ash, will continue to be looked upon by me as a daughter;

– Your strength and loyalty to The Crows of Albion and The Harts was true and just;

– The pride I felt in knowing that you, a Crow and Hart, were part of the Tesseract at the GEF earlier this year, was equal to the joy that shone from you as you excelled in your duties there ensuring to the best of your abilities that everyone who visited had fun and stayed safe. It was indeed a GEF to remember;

– The re-forging of the Iron of Flaming Glory, a legend in Crow history, was truly remarkable and an achievement for which all The Crows of Albion were proud. Many younger members of the group were able to listen to tales of this as a result. We will not let those stories be lost. The day you presented that to us was a great day indeed.

– You watched over others, keeping them safe and on the right paths to knowledge and safety, even when they were not aware. I was aware and for that I am always grateful.

Sathareal, I am sure there are many things I should say but words fail me at the sorrow I feel at your passing. You were someone who was always there in the background for me and now there are just shadows until time has healed the wounds of so many being taken from us at one time.

I journeyed with a small party to bury your body in private and I know that had you been able to chose, you would have been content with the choice of resting place. Rest well my friend.

Ma Crow,
Commander of The Crows of Albion