Position: Ranger of Keswick
Group: Company of the Blackened Staff
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Beastkin

Since first appearing publicly at Don Deodate’s
Masqued Ball as part of Don Molinari’s personal
guard, Solstice spent nine months or so under
Captain Dusk’s command in the Sicilijan Unit of
the Company of the Blackened Staff. During this
time he participated in the tunnel clearance work
for Don Bravari, developing a dislike of ‘bloddy
ratses an’ bloddy plague demonses’

Solstice was transferred to the Albione Unit
of the Company at the time of the Gathering of
Nations 1103 and has remained under Captain Eclipse’s

It has been noted by a number of people that
Solstice is eminently suitable to hide behind
as he is not exactly short nor slightly built.

Solstice gave his life in 2009, protecting Thenni’s children when a roof caved in.

Jayne’s Guide To The
Free Companies