Sparx Stardust

Group: Mackintash
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Fae

In the summer of 1102, a slightly inebriated Mackintash caravan guardswoman called Talasker was leaving a Londinium tavern when she heard a commotion from a side alley. To sate her curiosity she ventured down the alley to find a group of creatures savagely beating an unconscious Fae. Unwilling to simply walk away, Talasker swept in with her sword, scattering the dark figures and scooping up the young Fae before beating a retreat, unable to fight the half dozen creatures alone. Talasker was cursing her sense of honour, for it would certainly mean the death of her as she was struggling to hold off the frenzied creatures while carrying the body of the bloody Fae. But luck was on her side as a patrol of off duty city guardsmen were passing by and they quickly threw themselves into the fray. This turned the tide and the creatures now themselves beat a rapid retreat, disappearing into the night.

Talasker and the Militiamen rushed the Fae girl to a healer who took her into care. It took over six months for the girls body to heal but the mental scars were far deeper, she had no memory of the alleyway, the creatures nor why she was there. She couldn’t even tell the healers her name or how she came to be in Londinium. She did however, pick up healing skills uncannily fast, having an almost innate understanding of healing magics.

Away from healing there was something almost childlike about the Fae girl and she insisted on cladding herself in the gaudiest colours she could find, daubing her face with bright colours and taking on the name ‘Sparx Stardust’.

Leaving the healers she sought out Talasker at the Mackintash offices, but Talasker was away with a caravan. However, she had left a note for Sparx, instructing her to present herself to a Knight friend of Taleskers who resided with the ‘Order of the Blue Lady’ in the Griffon faction lands where, if she wished, she would have employment as a squire. With few other options, Sparx, letter of introduction in hand, left for Griffon lands.

Throughout the spring and summer of 1103 she made firm friends within the Order including forging a bond with Bones- a Redcap with whom she shared many adventures.

But little over a year later, the Knight she served lay dead on the field and Sparx’ close companions from the Order, Bones, also lost his life. On their death, Sparx vowed to uphold justice and the law and to never take up arms against the Griffons faction, though she had already made the decision to leave.

And leave she did, returning to Albion to find Talasker with the Mackintash. It was also in this year – 1105 – that Sparx became an oathsworn member of the Militia Guild. Sparx has served with the Militia ever since, acting as a healer during the Cataclysm and barely making it through with her life. She moved up through the ranks of the guild and was made a Sergeant in 1110 and currently acts as the Guilds primary healer.

Sparx also married a Barbarian in 1109 – Deathman from the Viper faction whom she met while speed dating at the Gathering of Nations. As of yet there has not been the patter of tiny Faebarian feet.

When not on Militia duty, Sparx travels with the Mackintash trading collective aboard the ‘Drunken Duck’, using her healing and fighting skills for the group. In the spring of 1111, Sparx swore an Oath to the Harts of Albion, pledging her loyalty to them.

Sparx still grieves for the friends she has lost over the years but her constant optimism, sugar addiction and sense of humour endear her to all who meet her. She is currently trying to piece together the events that led her to lose her memory nine years ago.