Position: Countess of Nottingham
Position: High Sherrif
Group: Company of the Blackened Staff
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Beastkin

‘She’s the Boss, she’s very pretty and
she’s great.’
– CotBS New Recruit Guide,

Captain Eclipse has come to public notice over
the last few years as her unit began to take up
contracts within the nations of the Heartlands.
In 1104 she gained overall command of the Company
when Major Nightfall was killed at Dunwich Vale.

For the last 3 years the Company of the Blackened
Staff has held contract within Albion, and Eclipse’s
reputation has grown within the faction. In early
1105 she was instrumental in the rescue of Crown
Prince Edward from Empire forces and was later
appointed to the post of first Sheriff of Winchester and then High Sheriff in 1106.

Jayne’s Guide To The
Free Companies, 1106