Surbidch Ichihara

Group: Crows of Albion
Found dead in camp during the first Moot of 1114


Surbidch, brother of Tsubasa and member of the Crows of Albion family.

I knew little about him really. His obvious dislike of anything other than his race clearly apparent, and his penchance for causing problems quite outstanding. He could be rude and discourteous and I know that many people disliked him.

That said, he was a member of my adopted family, a Crow, and therefore someone to be mourned accordingly.

Over the last year I became strangely fond of him, not only for his colourful and sometimes flamboyant wardrobe, but more as he began to express almost human-like qualities (albeit with some discomfort and sometimes disdain) such as those concerns shown to me at the death of the king. I can almost hear him now moaning and whining at me for calling him human-like.

I think my favourite memories of him would be seeing him sing Calligar to sleep on the battlefield and then the awkward pat on the back he gave to comfort me when the King died.

He did however help save many people on the battlefield and I am forever thankful to him for saving me from the tainted unliving Nethras on the very day he died – my only thanks to him at that time was to should and scream in my befuddled state.

I know your brother, Tsubasa, dealt with your body in the correct manner in accordance with your beliefs and customs. I can only hope that wherever you may be you are finally now at peace and with your Ancestors or your family once more.

In a strange way, I miss you.

Ma Crow,
Commander of The Crows of Albion

As with all members of the Ichihara clan, I was terrified of Surbidch. If anything I can say of him though, he was fiercely protective of his family. The other Crows of Albion know him much better than me, and I am eager to hear more of who Surbidch was.

Cliamain Vauthel
Apprentice Druid,
Lindisfarne Battalion,
The Crows of Albion