Group: Mackintash
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Notes archived in the library:

Private and Confidential.

Captain Simon,

The information you requested. This has been pieced together from my own observations and subtle questioning of those close to Talasker.

Talasker has, often while in her cups, lamented about the money she had in her youth and how it is ‘not fair’ that she has to work. She has given no hints about the identity of her parents or family but has, in my earshot, repeatedly referred to how her father thought she was “a disappointment” and how her mother was “a bloody alcoholic”. When pressed on this she offers no further information.

What we do know of her is everything she has done since she first stumbled into the Mackintash’s Londinium headquarters in 1101, attempting to order a drink from a bemused Jasper on reception. When she sobered up she signed on to guard an outgoing caravan because, in her own words, she ‘might as well’. While we initially had our reservations about her, due to her reputation as a monumental alcoholic, her first time out with a Mackintash caravan resulted in her singlehandedly saving a shipment from a Goblin mercenary group. More impressively, she also went on to recruit their remaining survivor as a guard for the rest of the trip, a move which turned out to be quite shrewd as the Goblin became a superb Teutonian trade contact for a number of years until his death.

Since then her loyalty to the Collective has been exemplary though the frequent fines we receive for her drunken behaviour are still a sore point. Her sword arm however, cannot be questioned.

Other notable things which you may find interesting: Talasker was responsible for saving the Fae Sparx from a group of powerful unknown assailants in 1102, a move which has bonded the colourful healer to us ever since. She attended her first Gathering of Nations in 1104 with the group and has recruited large numbers of guards and traders to the Mackintash since. Talasker was guarding the Ritual Circle during the year of the Cataclysm; her heroics saved many lives that day and she is a Sergeant in the Militia Guild and spends much of her time on Guild duty. Another interesting but unsurprising fact about Talasker is that she has different coloured eyes – one black, one blue. This was as a result of a drunken magical dual which went badly wrong. While it left her partially blind in one eye, she is now particularly attuned to the magic she wields.
Captain Simon, this is all the information I have been able to gather on Talasker and my conclusion is a simple one – Talasker is a loyal, trustworthy and valuable addition to the group and should continue to serve as the Quartermaster to the Mackintash. On a personal note, I think we should perhaps seek her some help with her drinking problem. Last week she returned to the Ship very late and urinated on my armour. She still hasn’t apologised.

Darwin, Martial Commander of the Mackintash.

Mackintash Employee Record