Position: Crows of Albion Commander and Sorcerer
Group: Crows of Albion
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Voidkin
Killed on the battlefield fighting the forces of the Umbral Lady at the spring Moot in 1111.

“Breaking Talos into describable phases and sentences is a hard task, but it shall be done.

The Crows of Albion Sorcerer known as Talos only began to make an appearance during the year of 1110, when his first physical appearance was during the Penross mission. This was a confusing time as many individuals didn’t know what Talos could do, or what he was planning on doing in order to aid the Crows. From what I believe, Talos was barely seen during the event anyway due to always following orders from Oulam.

When mentioning Talos, people will either mention one of two aspects of him. One would be that he is a very quiet person, who walks around and generally keeps an eye on things without saying a word. Even a nod from Talos is a hard thing to come by. The other ‘aspect’ of Talos can be considered something completely different. When in a fight, Talos has been known to go for a specific, defenceless creatures with no ability to throw his spells off. This is why I believe Talos fits the Crows in both appearance and persona. He waits with spells always on his tongue.

Speaking of appearance when it comes to Talos, he does tend to stick out. I don’t know why but he enjoys wearing long robes with oversized hoods and a mask that covers his lower jaw and nose. Despite the complete difference of fashionable style, Talos is the only Voidkin in the Crows, so I would just keep that as an excuse.

There is a minor flaw, however, when it comes to the Sorcerer. He has a distaste for anything ritually implied. Ritual and transport circles will make him uneasy, and he will never go into one without proper trust in the person who is taking him there. He’s a hermit, basically, from what I have heard. Never uses the ‘newer’ style of transportation and smithing.

Considering the fact that this is pretty much all the Crows know about Talos, his appearance within the Crows is considered a strange one. He just simply walked aboard the ship, nodded to the Cap’n and Oulam, introduced himself and then left their sight. From that point on, he’s worked for the Crows and for the Harts, lending his mind into the conflict.

The Summer of 1110 was where Talos was actually noticed by other members of the Faction, and this changed him. A man named Dean Grey, who is now the Baron of Bollington, actively approached Talos and offered him the position of student. Now under the wing of Dean in terms of learning the arcane, Talos actually aided in the Alliance between the Order of the Black Hand and the Crows of Albion; which he was noted and thoroughly thanked for.

During the Autumn of 1110, the Crows esteemed Commander Oulam fell fighting for what he believed in. It was after this time that the Crows had to agree on a new Commander, and most of them choose Talos. Despite the decision was made during the Winter of 1110, Talos remains reluctant to ask why he was chosen. He actually hasn’t said a word about it since that point onwards! Nevertheless, he remains loyal to those who he has worked for.”

– Gideon
“Charter of Crows”
February 1111