The Albione Tea Song

Adapted by Raphael and Wyndrake

A graze of minor injury there’s tea
You took an arrow to the knee have tea, oh tea.

Even winners of the jug jamboree drink tea
and it’s drunk by queen eloise probably
Likely change the course of history, lovely cup of tea

When monsters leave you feeling blue
And the queen has a rage that you can’t subdue
You’ll likely see her point of view
If you just sit down and have a brew

If zombies come back from the dead
And you’re all tucked up inside your bed.
Put down your sword, use tea instead, then use your cup to smash their heads.

Your leg’s trapped underneath debris there’s tea, there’s tea.
You feel a burning when you pee have tea oh tea.

Been sectioned for insanity,
More Albione than a cake or three
I’ve even heard it made a blind man see
Lovely cup of tea.

It makes you snacky ripped and brave
And sends unliving back to the grave
Puts curly hair upon your chest
It acts just like a magebolt proof vest

Clears Londinium of smoggy air,
and gives a glossy coat to your were.
Could help you find excalibur.
Calm and soothe your ancestor.

Use it for diplomacy
Cause everything’s better with a cup of tea.