The Doc

Group: Crows of Albion
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Olog

Once, a good time ago, my kind lived on the surface when the other elder races walked the land. Time has all but forgotten how it was before Ancestors. When ‘the race wars’ started my people fled to shore and into the safety of the many coastal caves. We were hunted by humans for what we were, for what they feared: the unknown. Many of mine were lost and during this time, for reasons unknown, we were forgotten by most. We trolls, what was left of us, began to follow and learn of the new magics, which led us further into the seas and deep ocean caverns. We were lost into the depths of the world and lost to history. They say the trolls lived in secret but it was not a secret of our making. Peace was not to return to the ancient trolls as we were set upon by creatures of the depths and creatures that now time has forgotten.

The trolls lived this way for many years and a new generation looked at the magic they could weild and they called for help, and help did come. From the Ancestors came visions, voices and signs. Guided by this the trolls deep in the oceans gave up their strength and learned to breathe the water itself, and to see in the darkest caves. They lost their noble forms and were reduced to weaker shadows of their former selves. With these new abilities they traveled and gathered as they were guided. As one people they came to a cave opening, the cave of Mannanan and that name is sacred and well remembered.

One last vision, was sent instructing my people to guard the cave, its secrets, its power. And so we started our great vigil. Who can say how long ago this was?

This is the story of my people. But my story? At the time of the great Cataclysm, then my story starts.

With the cataclysm came the power to undo what we had stood to protect. The ground cracked, the seas boiled, many died. There was little we could do so we did the same as those who came before us; we fled, not knowing where to go or what to do. I found a coastline, and with scant few of my tribe, we returned to the shore, breathed the air and felt the wind on our bodies for the first time. For many years we stayed on this small, isolated island. I learnt to walk the land and to wield magic again and we protected one another. I have never seen most of my brethren since.

Then The Crows of Albion arrived with their camps and their boats. We watched from afar and did not interfere at first but after a short confrontation I decided that to join them would benefit what was left of my tribe as well as the Crows of Albion. As we had lost, so had they and we found kinship in spirit.

And now as my people slowly leave this world, as many are lost, we help. We guard and ensure that these new people do not follow the same path towards ending. I stand with the people of Albion and remember the people of the sea.

The Doc