The Raven And The Crow

(Corona Corvinae/Anna Clifford-Tait)
For Corvus and Elizabeth

Brushed in the light of the shadowy moon
Soft fell the steps of the Raven
Into the arms of the Crow she fell
A sable cloaked guardian haven
For she fled from a past best forgotten
To a future of duty and love
But the shadows hold nothing but pain, fear and death
And an anguish not ended in blood.

In the darkest of times he thought ne’er to find love
Though his heart often yearned to be filled
Duty and honour were all that he knew
In his pride he thought never to yield
Then along came the Raven. One glance and he fell
This sweet girl with an innocence clear
With his arms wrapped about her. He’d guard her from all
And protect this young love he held dear.

Swiftly they courted and promise was made
For the pair could not wait to be wed
An evil was stirring, the chase would begin
And their loathing would fill her with dread
So the Crow and his blood stood around her
And they kept her close, safe in the night
But their duty would call them away from her side
So he trusted her country to fight.

On the darkest, cold night, as the wind howled and tore
The enemy finally found her
Love could not save on that far distant shore
Too late did her country see danger
Now his life would be blackened and empty
And his vengeance would drown him in blood
For a year and a day he would mourn for his love
But his heart would ne’er be as it should

He will hold her inside him for ever
And it comforts him well yet to know
In the years still to come with their story so told
We’ll remember the Raven and Crow.

Rehearsal performance by Anna Clifford-Tait