Thomas Smith

Group: House Mortimer

Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Born in Berwick, close to the edge of Albions Northern Border Thomas was the
eldest son and so much like his father was apprenticed to the family trade of
blacksmithing. For an early age would work alongside his father in the forge,
helping with the work and learning the art of blacksmithing, ensuring that as
his father aged he was able to take on the work of forging for House Mortimer.
Like all apprentice smiths the first thing he learnt was to forge a horseshoe
and he carries the first horse shoe he ever made with him to place in whichever
forge he works in as a lucky charm.

Like all Albions he followed the Trinty, but his father also taught him about
Weyland, the ancestor of smithing and in particular his part in the forging of
Excalibur – the motto ‘In Waylands Name’ is carved across the entrance to the
forge back in Berwick where his father still works. During the civil war like
many young men he was drafted in to his households militia where he served as a
solider and smith alongside the Beastkin Guard and members of The Prince Bishops
Men stationed in Berwick

With the changes in the cataclysm Thomas found himself able to cast spells using
power gifted to him by Weyland, something he had never shown aptitude for
before, so has now with the help of Anne Osbourne has been able to work out what
these new powers do.

Joining others of House Mortimer in 1107 in attending the great gatherings of
nations, he joined the armourer’s guild where he rose rapidly to the position of
Master Dax’s assistant in charge of acquisitions, later becoming a Master himself.

Burke’s Peerage
Spring 1110