Position: Lord Marshal and Protector of Edwinstowe,
Group: The Beastmen
Race: Beastkin
Killed by demons of the Broken Spoke while aiding the Wolf faction


Graf, House Mortimer

t’Undra was the sort of person where people would say he had a big presence and would not mean he is fat. I’m gonna miss him a whole lot now he is gone because he was always a voice you could trust. He commanded armies and would guide the Harts in battle but that was not all he was good at cos he would share maps and useful papers too. One of my best memories of being with t’Undra is when we had to summon a demon from the void. We didn’t really know much about summoning demons but we stood on a big hill and I started a rite and the main part of the rite was for t’Undra to call its name. It don’t sound like much when it is writ down but it shows how he was ready to have a go at anything and was pretty much always cheerful about it. We also had a good time not long before he died when we got to be judges of Muster Chef at the fayre near Londinium and even though we was soaking wet and muddy and worn out we was in good company and having fun. He didn’t mind danger and was willing to volunteer to go into a bad situation to save other people like earlier in the year we thought we lost him already cos he was going to stay for many many years with a Shaman of a lynx tribe but time passed weirdly where he was and he came back to us before long. Claweye is his daughter and she was upset to lose him and glad to have him back so I hope that when the bad news came the next time around she got to be a bit more ready for it. t’Undra died trying to help the Wolves fight against some demons and he went there knowing that the mission was going to set them up as targets. I saw them transport his slumped over body back and I ran as fast as I could cos I thought he needed healing and when they shook their heads and said he was dead I raced up to break the news to Claweye. t’Undra is the sort of person who will be missed a whole lot and the Harts will probably remember stories about him all the time. He did not get over-sad when his friends died he just sort of shrugged and said it happens to everyone so I try to not be too upset for him being gone but it is hard.