Death recorded 1106

Murdered whilst defending the life of Martin Karlennon.

Group: Company of the Blackened Staff

Barony: Sherburn
County: Marchwood
Duchy: Winchester
Race: Beastkin

‘Oi! Leave the boss alone or I’ll bash yah!’

Dead and this still makes us all really sad. Twilight was lovely and bouncy and Solstice’s little sister. She had a sword for hooking rats out by their noses and was learning to write when she died. She kept the fae amused and was the most fun beastkin ever. Her being dead sucks.

Company of the Blackened Staff Guide for New Members

One of the younger members of the company Twilight
served as a runner for several years before joining the
ranks of the unit’s primary combatants in the summer of 1105. She
is as at home with heights as with tunnels, and is
extremely protective of friends and family. Twilight seems to
have taken to the company’s new ‘balcony/chandlier/tapestry’
training routine with gusto.

Jayne’s Guide To The
Free Companies