Group: The Flight
Barony: Alton
County: Bristol
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Fae

Tyto, together with Quicksilver, was one of the founders of The Flight when they left the mists to journey to the Heartland Games in 1102. The Harts had recently come out of dealings with the Crow Court in the Summerlands and so were initially very hostile toward these new bird fae although House Grimmir took the birds into their house without prejudice.

However Tyto and Quicksilver’s ability to mistwalk was invaluable when the Harts travelled into The Vale to Camlann. Slowly The Flight began to be accepted and to forge allies both inside and outside the Harts.

Tyto found a place in the Archers Guild and has risen through the ranks spending a year acting as the Guild Champion and presently taking the role of Warden of In Flight Entertainment. She spent a year training in the neardark Dojo’s and was granted the title of Samurowl by Clan Kage. She also took on the role of bodyguard to Lady Glycell for a time and was granted an honorary place in The Host, another of her adopted families. During the war with the Empire, Tyto aided in smuggling supplies through the mists to the Cornish people.

Fiercely loyal to her friends and Queen, Tyto was devastated to learn that humans did not come back in the spring and at the loss of her adopted daughter, Cukkoo. Over the next few years she lost many others dear to her including Corrigan Grimmir, Zain Cromwell, Quicksilver, Queen Elspeth and many others in the Harts and Archers Guild. Her brother Hopscotch, Hopscotch was the latest of the Flight to fall, murdered by the Conclave.

Although many of the Flight reside at Grimmir Hall, Tyto has preferred to spend her time travelling, often returning to her home in the mists or to Alton. Whilst on the surface a friendly and fluffy bird mostly after your dinner or ale, Tyto is quick to anger and can be a very dangerous owl. She is deadly with a bow and with anything edible left lying around. The protection of those she holds dear is one of her driving forces.

Young Ornithologist’s Handbook