Valen Darkblade

Position: Baron of Kingsfield
Position: Captain of Winchester
Group: Order of the Black Hand
Barony: Kingsfield
County: Worcester
Duchy: Winchester
Race: Dark Elf

Valen fell behind enemy lines during a Tarantula mission.

Even though Valen has made many good friends
within the Harts he wishes his exploits before
his arrival in Albion to remain the knowledge
of only himself and his wife Emelia. His past
is known to have been a troubled one and it will
most likely take time to build the trust to confide
in others.

His actions since arrival in Albion are however
fairly common knowledge. Valen quickly made a
name for himself and formed the Order
Of The Black Hand. It is his sincere hope
that the order will become a powerful military
force that the Harts can call upon whenever they
require good and loyal warriors.

Valen is very conscious of perception of his
race and strives hard to earn the trust and respect
that he feels are denied him because of it. He
is ambitious and motivated, and will go to great
lengths to earn power, respect and even friendship
with those he views as trustworthy allies.

Whilst easily likeable, Valen retains both his
temper and his thirst for vengeance … slights
against him are not easily forgotten. His respect
is not easily given, but this merely makes it
more of an honour to possess. Despite his rather
viscious nature Valen hopes that he and the Order
can be of service to Albion and stand strong beside
their new allies in times of need.

Gentleman’s Register,