Victor Mortimer

Position: Noble, Warrior, Huntsman, Armourer
Group: House Mortimer
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Son of James Mortimer, younger brother of Jessica Mortimer and cousin to Lord Robert Mortimer.
Victor spent his formative years in the Mortimer household, training to fight,
hunt and being a gentleman of the country. As such he can wield any weapon with
deadly competence and wear any armour to its full advantage.
He often accompanies the household guard on patrols of the estate fighting
hostile intruders and accursed half dead creatures. His main passion is horse
riding and hunting, which included helping the blacksmith with shoeing and he’s
generally happy to get his hands dirty with the household chores.
In all Victor has led a comfortable but generally dull life as a country
gentleman. Fearing that he’s letting life pass him by whilst his family travel
the world on dangerous quests, Victor has finally taken the plunge and joined
the Mortimer’s outside the estate and see what the world beyond has to offer.

Gentlemen of York
Spring 1108