Violet Mortimer

Group: House Mortimer
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Violet is Robert and Caleb’s little sister; born seven years after Robert she has always been ‘the baby’ in her family’s eyes. She has been mostly raised by men, firstly her father and then for the last ten years her two brothers, but she has also been taught by female tutors so isn’t a complete ‘tomboy’.

As a child Violet was very keen to learn how she could help keep her family safe, she knew she couldn’t keep them safe all the time so she decided to learn how to fix them when they got themselves hurt.

As Violet got older she found secret places to go to escape her tutors when she was fed up of learning how to be a ‘lady’. One of her favourite places to go had a perfect view of the Beastkin training area. The Beastkin fascinate her and she was delighted when Grrrrrrh was assigned to her and everyday continues to be fascinated by him.

Violet is a strong willed young woman but she has always known her place within the family, she loves her both brothers dearly if not equaly and would do anything for Robert and almost anything for Caleb. She knows the burdens of running the household weigh heavy on Roberts shoulders and she sees it as her duty to aid him.

Violet died in battle, alongside her betrothed, Halo, in an assault on Lord Rone’s personal circle in Telluria during the Akari war.

Burke’s Peerage
Spring 1107