Group: Company of the Blackened Staff
Position: Acting Captain of the Company of the Blackened Staff
Position: Lord Arcane of Albion
Race: Beastkin
Duchy: Keswick

“Wow, peoples is asking about me now? I knew being lord would be trouble.”

Wildfire was born under the Company Mother House and has no idea who his parents are but that is
normal for low rank Company beastkin. His birth was uneventful except for its timing; he was born
on the day of the cataclysm and following tradition was named after what was seen in the sky that

Though initially trained as a healer, his interest in repairing patterns quickly turned into an interest in
how patterns function. This study grew to include pattern manipulation and eventually the arts of
Corruption. This initially put him at odds with the sentiments of some in the faction but, proving
himself useful, he was accepted.

Within the Blackened Staff his original role was unspecified and he tried to help out where he could.
To his own shock he showed enough competency to get promoted and became one of the known
faces of the Company; first within the Harts and then to other factions he visited. Recently Captain
Eclipse has needed to spend more and more time away from Albion, at the same time the
responsibilities of Lieutenant Septimus to the Bank have grown. This has resulted in Wildfire being
made Acting Captain of the Company still stationed in Albion.

He served under the then Lady Eloise Hunter when she was High Incantor of Albion and has served
under the current Master Incantor Seraphim Hunter. He has also acted as High Corruptor of Albion,
the Liaison to the Corruptors’ Guild and as advisor to the High Healer. This eventually lead to him
being made Lord Arcane of Albion at the Gathering 1114. He didn’t realise at the time, and is still
getting used to the fact, that the word Lord is taken literally and he is now one of the nobility.

Finally be aware he will talk, at length, to anyone or anything he comes across; to entertain and
make friends or to extract information from foes while the faction prepares to do what is necessary.

In the year 1115; in a great show of trust by Queen Eloise Hunter Wildfire is granted the title Master

of the Glen, placing him in charge of the defence of the capital, Forest Glen, and making him its

governor in the Queen’s absence. This means that during any meeting of the nations with the Queen

and Lord Counsel in attendance it is Wildfire’s duty to monitor events within Albion with the intent

to regularly report pressing business to the Queen. With this increase in workload and responsibility

the Queen asked if another was capable of leading the Blackened Staff in Wildfire’s absence, as such

Wildfire gladly passed the captaincy of the Company onto Flare.

Written under the reign of Queen Eloise Hunter 1115