Group: Mackintash
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

William lived with his parents in the city of Southampton where his father was a blacksmith of average grade. During the civil war when he was just 11 he was sent with his mother to his auntie’s to avoid being caught in any attacks on the docks. Unfortunately a couple of weeks after arriving a small group of raiders sporting Lion colours came thru and butchered all the adults leaving William crying over his dead mother that night he swore to the Mother that he would claim vengeance for this massacre.

It took a couple of weeks to return to the city as William didn’t want to be spotted by any Lions. At first he was glad to find his father alive but once he’d explained what happened his father broke down and over the following year did nothing to hunt his wife’s killers he instead turned to drink and lost all will to work blaming the Ancestors. William, disgraced by this, left home and his family name behind.

Since then he has been wandering all over Albion searching for any clues to who and where his mothers killers are. In 1106 when the new trinity was formed he swore a new vow to Nethras that he would do everything in his power to protect the people of Albion and to exact vengeance on anyone or anything that harms them.

On his way to the Great Erdrejan Fayre of 1111 he encountered a strange man in a tavern after talking and drinking for the evening he found out his new friend was actually a Militia Guild master known as Van. They traveled on to the Fayre where William signed up to the militia after spending some time with the militia men he met the Mackintash group, who happened to be friends of Van by the end of the Fayre he had made arrangements to come back the following year as part of the group and help them with their trading company as a weaponsmith.