Solarian ap Galahad

Solarian died in a ritual circle accident

Position: Preceptor of the Order of the Crow
Group: Company of the Blackened Staff
Barony: Bollington
County: Worcester
Duchy: Winchester
Race: Fae

Like Sagramor the orphaned Solarian was raised within the Spears of Lugh, later
it was revealed to him that his companion from the Spears was his brother by
blood. Unlike Sagramor and Reann he much preferred to remain in the background
(a talent he felt essential to a bodyguard), helping where he could. He has
been a bodyguard and a Dream Guardian, never asking for reward always pledged to
defend the people and dream of Albion.

After the death of his sister and the actions of his brother he became
dispondent and lacked direction, becoming an Oathsman to Edward James he became
an associate of the Company of the Blackened Staff. Giving his skills and trust
to them, hoping to find some direction in his life.

At oathsnight 1107 he renewed his oath to protet the people and dream of Albion,
this time pledging to help found an order of knights for Nethras. Helping
Eclipse and others this was done and at the consecration of the Cathedral to the
Trinity in Milford in the summer of that year he swore a new oath to lead the
order as Preceptor.

Burke’s Peerage
Summer 1107