Group: The Reapers
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

As a child Woodshadow was born and raised in Havoc. His Father was a miner who worked very hard in the mines usually taking a 17 hour shift a day to keep them fed whilst his mother was an herbalist and spent all day wandering the fields and forests scouring for herbs, these she used to draft healing vials to help aid the sick. Woodshadow tried as hard as he could to follow in his father’s footsteps as a miner but soon found out that he was better suited to dealing with the finding and brewing of herbs than with the use of a pickaxe.

One day at the age of 18 while Woodshadow was at market in the next village collecting ingredients for his mother, distant screams and the sounds of battle rang out from the direction of his home town. Havoc was under attack by a skirmish of undead. Woodshadow ran for what felt to be an hour all the while the noises of sword on sword getting louder and louder, finally arriving at the outskirts to find many of the towns’ folk slain including his own mother and father. A band of warriors already in town were pushing the forces back to the depths from where they came and with help from this group called The Reapers the undead were defeated. Rathdon the leader of The Reapers saw some potential in young Woodshadow and allowed him to join his team.

Woodshadows exploits of drinking and gambling within the ranks for around 7 years leaving him over looked for promotion, even attending court each year didn’t seem to brighten his horizons and The Reapers grew tired of his carefree attitude, however a sudden flash of inspiration drew a new found life within him, spending the next 3 years up front in battle next to Rathdon learning how to fight and defended himself.

Over the years Woodshadow has gained respect within The Reapers and can prove himself on the field of battle as well as attending court with the correct etiquettes and is a welcome member within the ranks.

In 1112 Woodshadow spent a year away from The Reapers to re visit his home town and to find himself and rekindle his skill with herbs soon finding that there are the ones that can kill as well as heal.

1113 Woodshadow has returned to the Reapers and with his new found talents will aid them more than ever.