woodcut_deerinwoodWelcome to the Harts Of Albion website. This site is a source of information for players in the Harts Faction of the Lorien Trust’s “Gathering” Live Roleplay (LRP) system. This is an Out Of Character resource for players in the LT Roleplaying system. This website should provide all the information that you need to play a member of the Harts faction, and give information about forthcoming events. It also serves as a repository of in character (IC) information – however it should be noted that no IC content will be made available on this website unless it has already been released to players at an event or by command or LT in preparation for one.

This site strives to give details of all forthcoming events, provide reports of past occurrences and serve as a general repository for information about the Harts Faction.

The Gathering is a Live Roleplay system in the UK run by the Lorien Trust (LT); set in the game world of Erdreja. The Harts Faction is one of ten player factions currently active within the system. Further details on these subjects can be found at the Lorien Trust website.

Sanctioned events

The Harts often run sanctioned events, sometimes in conjunction with other factions or guilds. We are often looking for players to volunteer to monster for us. Our forthcoming events are always detailed in full on the events page.

New players

If you’re considering joining the Harts, the guide to the faction is a good starting point to get an idea of the flavour of the faction. To interact with member of the faction, consider joining the Facebook Group.


If you’d like to get in touch you can either email the command team using this email address: command@hartsofalbion.co.uk or see the contact page for other options.

“Oh, Albion, Mother of us all
In our hearts we hear her call!
Free, unfettered folk are we;
Before us all our enemies flee.”