Crispin Du’Vie

Group: Adventurer’s Charter
Race: Human
Duchy: Keswick
County: Nottingham
Barony: Rufford

Crispin has pledged his assistance to the Harts during their time of trouble, an old Oath sworn to the fallen King. He is supported by his loyal colleagues in this undertaking. He was born the son of a Knight from within Unicorn lands and has travelled the known world seeking adventure. He is the original founder of ‘The Adventurers Charter’ and hopes to see it attain Guild status, though for now the charter is a social club and a calling to all likeminded adventuring individuals.

Crispin holds the ‘Charter’ which is a tome of all the serving, past and present members… Those are privy to the private dealings of the Charter and to each others trade skills and attentions.

Crispin’s wanderlust and nomadic lifestyle see him travel many places, though his home is now the gifted tavern dwelling within Keswick. If he’s not away at adventure you may find him here, telling a story or two, with an ale in hand. Come, share your tales of adventure, and perhaps embark upon quests anew!