Altariel Narwyn

Death recorded 1116

Died: Left camp for the guilds during the Hart’s moot of 1116 and never returned, later confirmed to be with the Hunter.

Position: Deputy High Bard, Handmaiden of Excalibur – Honour
Group: The Reapers
Barony: Rufford
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Elf/Ancestral


Altariel was my friend and I was glad to see her at the Moot as she had been away for a while. When the queen noticed she weren’t around she hunted for her all night long. Many people will remember the queen’s gone and overlook Altariel but I remember her for everything she did from bearing one of the seven swords to collecting information in her barding duties. She’s with the Hunter now running with the hunt and with the queen and one day I will join them.


Altariel Narwyn is an elder Sylvan Elf. She orginally lived in Greenwood which she made her home for many years, by mortal standards.

Altariel spent her time alone aside from contact with elves and animal kin she kept to herself enjoying and marvelling at the beauty of nature. During troubles she often gave what help she could especially with attacks from goblins and their kin. When the Mordred Device threatened the elder races she left the woods hoping to help in anyway she could.

Altariel travelled throughout Albion and made friends with a group called the Reapers so named for their hatred of undead. The leader a Half Orc introduced her to others and aided her in her intergration with society to which she had become quite detached.

Altariel is not used to human gests or jokes and tends to take what is said literally. She speaks truthfully and will not lie or be dishonest. Altariel can work to a lesser extent with the ancestors although she does this rarely and has a general respect for the ancestors. She delights in nature and joy and enjoys music. Burdock made her his assistant and she delight at helping in any way she can. Altariel mostly gives aid through her healing although she has aided in a couple of rituals.

Altariel has no set abode but generally travells around Keswick visiting The Reapers and Burdock.

Altariel’s closest bonds were made when she became a handmaiden of Excalibur. This gave her a new link not only with the land she loves and the sword but to the other women who swore to protect it. Altariel was chosen to represent Honour. It was not surprising that she would become so fond of the others, especially Lady Caroline, Graf and Rowena.

The death of the Lord Regent Gabriel devasted Lady Caroline who then removed herself from court. Shortly after Rowena was killed in a battle with the Vipers. The loss and absence of dear friends was a difficult blow for Altariel. Now she is left to ponder the future of the handmaidens and Albion.